Tea Shirts

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This is a nice "tea shirt" to show that you are a tea lover. It's tastefully designed by Human Kynd and is available in many sizes and colors. Get it here on Amazon.

This is the "tea shirt" that inspired us to begin itsaboutteatime.com. Like most of the shirts on our site, it's tastefully designed by Human Kynd and is available on Amazon in various sizes and colors.

Here's another Human Kynd t-shirt for tea lovers everywhere. We like the pink color but you can find it in various sizes and colors on Amazon.

This is about the sweetest "tea" shirt on the planet. Give it to the best friends you share tea with. Available on Amazon.

The LET'S HAVE TEA FIRST tee shirt is a nice informal way to let people know you want to get to know them... over tea. Now on Amazon.

Of course you're never too old for a tea party. At least the maker of this shirt doesn't think so. See it on Amazon.