Saki Samovar Tea Maker and Kettle – The Perfect Gift for My Tea-Drinking Buddy

Every year, I have trouble deciding what to give as a birthday gift for a special friend who does not necessarily have everything but who really does not want anything. She is comfortable in her environment, needs no additions to any collections, and has hobbies that do not accommodate themselves to tangible needs.

Like me, she is an avid fan of tea. In fact, like many people who cannot live without a cup of coffee in or near their hands, she almost started a fire by forgetting to turn off the heat under her last double-pot device before going to the grocery store. (Luckily, she arrived home in time to find the pot empty of water but not yet at the bursting-into-flames condition.) Since then, she has been heating her water in the microwave and brewing one cup at a time.

That’s why I’m thinking of getting her the Saki Samovar Tea Maker and Kettle for her birthday this year.Saki Samovar Tea Maker and Kettle

This machine has some wonderful reviews on Amazon. (In fact, one reviewer even posted that she too forgot to turn the heat off her double-pot and nearly burned down her house.)

Another buyers commented on the fact that she had purchased different units from time to time but they did not last, and when they were made of glass, they tended to discolor.

But when I saw the review that stated ” The tea that comes out of this thing is beyond description. This thing makes best tea I ever had!” I knew I’d found the perfect birthday gift!

(I should point out that of the 33 reviews on Amazon, only one was negative — and that was because a screw on the handle was missing.)

The pot is made from stainless steel (3.2 liter water capacity) with a porcelain teapot and an extra-fine strainer to keep the tea leaves out of the liquid. There are controls to boil water and keep it warm, as well as the all-important automatic shut-off.

Besides the convenience of having tea all day, this will look attractive on her kitchen counter.

I can’t think of anything more to add except maybe the tea leaves.

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