A cup of tea would restore my normality.
-Douglas Adams

That's how I feel about tea now ... but it hasn't always been that way. Miss Tea, my nom de tea, so to speak, had almost no experience with tea. My drinks of choice? Coffee and Pepsi (diet, of course). Outside of many visits to Chinese restaurants, where I always ordered hot tea, and drinking iced tea with restaurant lunches, the multitude of available teas were foreign to me.

Now that's kind of strange because I have a few close friends who are Korean (two), Japanese (one) and Chinese (one), plus many Caucasian friends who are avid tea drinkers. In fact, one Korean friend had given me numerous packets of fine tea which I promptly stored in the back of my refrigerator.

All that lack of enthusiasm or interest in tea disappeared when a new friend came to visit. The friend turned out to be an ardent tea drinker. He began to rummage through the stored tea, brewing it, and sharing it with me. Almost instantly, the drink became a lovely new habit.

But just sampling various varieties of tea wasn't enough so enlisting the friend, a man who is well-versed in the world of tea, (who is also a partner in this site) I began investigating tea. The result? One bookcase with books about tea; uncounted articles gleaned from the web, read and stored; many stained mugs (very little of my stored tea exists anymore); visits to numerous social media sites, and finally, this website.

We don't actually sell anything here. We just want to provide our take on tea and share it with the world. To do that, we also offer links to various products, some of which actually pay us a small commission if a visitor buys the products, and this helps us pay for the fees associated with the site.

With that said, I hope you'll come back and visit often, read the blogs, subscribe to our newsletter so you can be informed about changes and additions here, and give us feedback. Tell us how we are doing so we can improve every day.

For now, its about tea time so thanks for visiting and ...  I'm off to the kitchen to brew some tea.


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Iced Tea with Lemon
Nice Over Ice. Hot summer days call for cool, refreshing iced tea infusions.